Xiaomi Mi 3, 20000 Smartphone Sixth time flash sale started at 2pm on Tuesday, with in 2.4 Second 20000 Smartphone sold out in Flipkart.

Xiaomi Vice President Hugo Barra says in post on Twitter.

Mi India: Mi 3 out of stock in 2.4 secs today @Flipkart @MiIndiaOfficial

In its fifth flash sale last week, Xiaomi 20,000 mi 3 units it sold in 2.3 seconds is claimed. Like previous occasions, each holding flash sales company has received waves of anger following social media.

The company is also the sixth mi 3 flash sales, 'China's apple' as referred Monday to 20,000 units, the same as the fifth and fourth flash sales, will be for sale that was confirmed.  Got your Mi 3? RT and tell your friends that 20,000 Mi 3 will be available at 2 p.m. 26 Aug!

It added that Flipkart Xiaomi Mi 3 Flash sales process people just add sold it to be classified as their car, and people are required to complete their purchase worth mentioning at the time.

Xiaomi Indian consumers each sale a limited number of 3 Mi in Flash units, and stock is being bought because of the speed of facing a lot of flak as well.

the company has claimed that the first batch of Mi in India 3 smartphones within 40 minutes of its availability was sold out the second batch of 5 3 Mi. handset was sold within seconds.

The third Flash sale Mi 3 just saw two seconds is being sold in its fourth Flash sales company. claimed it sold 20,000 Mi 3 unit 2.4 seconds.

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