Google, on Wednesday, the best way to change regularly with the 32 bit version of Windows, Chrome for Mac and Linux has been upgraded to version 37, also of Chrome for Windows 7 and Windows 8 a long-awaited -looking fonts on Windows 64-bit version of the stable release manager and a full investigation password.

64-bit version of Windows running on your desktop that users' Windows 64-bit version to choose to download. It is available for download on Back in June Google launched the first dev versions of Chrome Canary browser, and then update it to the beta position in July.

Compared to the 32-bit version of the search giant a modern instruction set processors and compilers optimization takes advantage of the built, and the chrome version is 64-bit adds up. It is much safer. However, despite being more stable, tells Google the most important one is that there is no support for 32-bit being NPAPI plugin, some of which issues may be.

Windows, Mac and Linux coming to the stable Chrome 37 update, provided by Google tweaks official Can following lists:

  1. DirectWrite font rendering on Windows, support for reform.
  2. A number of new apps/extension APIs.
  3. Lots of under the hood changes for stability and performance.
In the 1980s, launched by Microsoft Graphics Device Interface (GDI), the switch, without actually manipulated by developers and increases rendering fonts look better because the most important change brings support DirectWrite. This change is enabled for Windows users. That's interesting, as noted by Computerworld, Microsoft introduced DirectWrite API with Windows 7 in 2009, and the inclusion of DirectWrite in chrome developers have requested by top-5 filed as far back as the chromium bug tracker with an entry in the first year. In particular, theFirefox and Internet Explorer with Firefox 4 and IE11, 2011 and has been using DirectWrite APIs.

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